Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Arrival

Alhamdullillah we have just safely came back from Dubai and we have collected more abayas to our already rich collections.

Come and visit us at our Plaza Idaman outlet...

New photos will follow soon.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Allah Kareem


Policeman surprises woman by returning fortune lost in water
Arab News

JEDDAH: It can be argued that floods and other calamities can bring out the worst in men, due to the looting that often occurs in the aftermath of such disasters. Fatima Al-Ghamdi, however, has a different story to tell.

On that fateful day when the flashfloods wreaked havoc in Quwaizah neighborhood, Fatima, a woman approaching her 60s, ventured out into the heavy downpour holding her sick husband’s hands looking for a safe place.

She had put all her cash and jewels worth more than SR500,000 in a small suitcase, which she carried in her left hand. The water was rising and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her husband to walk steadily against the current.

“If I did not hold him firmly with both my hands he would fall and the floodwaters would wash him away. I had no time to think. I just dropped the suitcase and looked the other way to avoid watching all my valuables disappear in the flood. My husband was dearer to me than anything else in the world,” Fatima told Al-Madinah newspaper.

She said she was happy they could reach a safe place without any incident. They were provided with a temporary apartment in another part of the city.

“But we were left penniless. At times I thought about the lost jewelry but I suppressed them as my husband was more valuable to me,” she said.

However, 11 days after the flood her husband received a call from a stranger. The man said he had come across a suitcase that had a paper with Fatima’s name on it and he wanted to return it.

“I did not believe in my wildest dreams that the valuables carried away by the flood would be returned to me. I thought that the man might have stumbled upon a battered suitcase and all its contents might have scattered in the flood or anyone who might have discovered it would have stolen them,” she said.

But the jewelry box was returned to her and none of its contents was missing.

Aun Al-Ghamdi, a policeman, was the man who found the suitcase. He apologized to them for the delay in returning the box. He said he had tried for 10 days to get their address. He said the suitcase flowed into his car, which was submerged on a road three kilometers from the Quwaizah neighborhood.

“I was on my way to Makkah on Nov. 25 when I ran into the flashflood. In fact, I rescued some people. But as the water was very high, I could not go ahead anymore. I also took the suitcase with me,” he said.

He said he opened the box out of curiosity and was dazzled by its glittering contents. When he found the bank paper with Fatima’s name on it he contacted the bank. The manager refused to give any information for data protection purposes. After 10 days he finally relented and gave Al-Ghamdi Fatima’s telephone number.

Overcome by gratitude, the couple presented him with a check for a large sum of money, but he refused to take it, saying he preferred a reward from the Almighty.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome 1431, goodbye 1430

Happy new Hijriah to all. Lets make our new resolution again while reflecting what we have achieved and what we had failed throughout last year and lets do better in 1431. Lets we all progressively transform and be a better us, physically and spiritually.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We see what we want to see, we hear what we want to hear and we conclude what we want to conlude unless Allah bless us with wisdom

Ibrahim Adham related to a youth the importance of Hijrah. He explained to the youth the need to travel far and wide to gain new experience and thus wisdom to spur continuous change and transformation.

The youth finally agreed. The next day, he forbade goodby to Ibrahim Adham and wish him Salam. He went for knowledge and experience seeking journey for quite a while.

After the 3rd day, Ibrahim's door was knocked on and to his surprise the youth was standing infront of his door. He asked the youth. "Why did you return much earlier than planned".

"During my travel, i had passed through a large desert and i saw something magnificent in the valley" told the youth excitedly.

" There Allah has made me go through a very useful experiential journey. Thereby i made my resolve to comeback earlier", told the youth confidently.

What was the magnificent experience?, asked Ibrahim Adham, the wise man.

" I met a very unlucky man in the valley.He added eloquently.

" He was robbed, and what more tragic, both pairs of his hand leg was chopped off. He was in a very pityful state." he paused but eagerly continued.

" What surprised me the unlucky man was daily fed by an eagle which flied to and fro, carrying food to him enabling him to continue living." told the youth with his eyes sparkling wide open.

"What i learnt from here, however weak a person is, god is always there to help him", concluded him happily.

"Oh, it was a great story, exclaimed Ibrahim." looking at the youth pitifully.

Before they parted Ibrahim asked, "but why did you only think of the pitiful man, but not otherwise, about the eagle that fed him."

Ibrahim continued, Allah does not only show you, that man are guaranteed of their rezeki, but Allah also showed you how to be a man that are useful to others in need. Why choose the example of man who had to depend on others and not the strong and kind eagle who can help others.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


A man was washing his new car when his neighbor ask him, "When did you get the new car?. He replied, "My brother gave it to me. The neighbour replied, " I wish i had car like that." The man retorted, " You should wish you had a brother like that." The neighbours wife who was eavesdropping interrupted, "i wish i was the brother."

Beautiful & Elegant Abaya Dealer

Salam alaikum to all

Alhamdulillah sekarang kami dah melantik dua pengedar.

1. Norulhuda Binti Munzir
Mawaddah Boutique Sdn Bhd
Butik Busana Muslim dan Muslimah
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

2.Miskiah Binti Jawari
Blk 840, Woodland
Hp: 91404130

Pada mereka yang tinggal di sekitar Seremban dan Singapore, jika ingin mendapatkan produks Beautiful & Elegant Abaya bolehlah menghubungi mereka.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jualan Akhir Tahun, Year-end Sales

Para pelanggan yang dimuliakan

Sekarang kami mengadakan jualan akhir tahun (dari 10 Dec-31 Dec 2009). Bagi setiap pembelian anda akan mendapat potongan harga sebanyak 10%. Bagi setiap pembelian ke 3 dan seterusnya anda akan menerima tambahan diskaun sebanyak 5%.

Selamat tinggal 2009, semoga tuhan mengampuni dosa kita, welcome 2010, semoga kita diberkati.

Beautiful Abaya

Dear esteemed customers

Now we are conducting year-end sales (from 10th to Dec-31st Dec). For every purchase you will get a 10% discount. For the third and subsequent purchases you will be awarded with additional 5% discount.

Goodbye 2009, may Allah forgive us, welcome 2010, may Allah bless us.

Beautiful Abaya

Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to Beautiful Abaya

If you are an arabic dress enthusiast, you are welcome to visit our outlet at R161, Beautiful Abaya, 1st Floor, Plaza Idaman, Km 8, Gombak (pls view map)

Beautifully cut and crafted, simple and yet elegant dresses that suit any occasion, be it dinner, arabic night gala, weddings or religious functions. You will rarely see such a diverse collections.
Here we are, waiting for you to pamper and spoil you with our beautiful and elegant choices of abayas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Abaya Jordan

[left: model Ce]
  • material ~ velvet in the middle and crepe silk
  • pattern ~ burberrry design with coloured choices - cream, brown and dark brown
  • Code no: JBB01
  • RM255

[right: model Nani]
  • material ~ crepe silk
  • pattern ~ front line silver pad, simple but very elegant and nice
  • Code no: JKU01
  • RM255

Abaya Jordan

  • material ~ satin silk
  • pattern ~ embroidery with sequin inlaid at the end of sleeve, bottom abaya and back abaya
  • beautiful handcrafted
  • Code no: JBD07
  • RM255 (can get less 20%)