Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tampil ringkas namun tetap anggun

Kita kena jaga akhlak pemudi pewaris umat, anda setuju?

Tampil berkeyakinan dan anggun

Eksotik kan!

Cuba kita renungkan

Dua Personaliti, dua gaya berbeda namun keduanya tetap anggun

Berani kedepan

Tampil santai

Menggayakan Abaya sambil menunjukkan bakat dipentas

Berpidato menyampaikan hujah

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Peserta di hadapan VIP

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beautiful Abaya in video

Elegant Abaya in video

Elegan Abaya

Elegant Abaya

We are launching our new product line..... Elegant Abaya......suitable for dinner gala, marriage ceremonies or even as bridal dresses.....photoshoot will follow soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

ketiga Miss UM

tahniah kepada pemenang Miss UM tempat ke3

Emmmmh, what a relief !

To all clients and followers

We are sorry for not updating our blog for quite sometime. We are just too busy with our programs and promotions. We have also extend our shop to a shop annex to ours.

Beside having to tackle the procedures with Idaman Plaza Join Management, Bandaraya, we also have to deal with our contractor who renovate the annex shop while at the same time we have to update our stocks, and if that is not enough to keep us busy our kids are all now school going, from tadika, standard one to form five (6 of them) and plus one more the eldest, the toughest, is an autist, who the for the past 19 years has taught us the true meaning of patience and perseverance......what a busy month to start the new year with. May god help us.

Thanks to our loyal staff, Nuraini, the outlet manager, Nurathirah, our sales consultant and Nurhidayah our new sales consultant, for all their hardworks and relentless toils to help us to come this far.

Come and drop by at our outlet, we have more than 1000 pcs to spoil you with choices.

Gaya Seorang Juri

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gaya Seorang Peserta Pesona Timur Tengah

Salah satu peserta MISS UM yang manis dan sopan, memperagakan jubah tajaan Beautiful Abaya

Majlis diatas dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Mahasiswa Kelantan Universiti Malaya (PMKUM). Beautiful and Elegant Abaya adalah penaja utama.